Abec 11

Abec11 is one of the legendary brands which have been there since the starting line in the 70`s. Out of desire to develop high performance products for skateboarders Abec11 uses high quality urethane and state-of-the-art technology, delivering superior products at a reasonable cost. Thus they perfectly fit into the Havoc Distribution line of goods.
With dedication to high-performance skateboarding Abec11 catapult themselves to the 21st century. So their appealing Web-Site provides not only information about their products, but also all kinds of Life-Style News which a Skateboarder might want to know. As for example news about the latest Trips and Videos of their Team-Riders or the applied technologies.


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Abec 11 News

Abec 11 Has come up with some new Longboard Lines: Hellfire, Invasion and Skatera.