Ambition Snowskates

Havoc Distribution is the german distributer for Ambition Snowskates.

Ambition Snowskates represents the defacto standard of modern single deck snowskates. The brand produces the undisputed best snow skateboards in the world and regularly shows with their team of professional snowskaters what is possible on a snowskate. By now, the offer of Ambition snowskates is divided into 3 different series:

The JIB Series

The TEAM Series

The PRO Series

The stable and epoxy glued 7-ply construction made of Canadian maple with a tough and fast base made of UHMW CPE* plastic with ruts makes Ambition the first choice of the pros. *(Ultra High Molecular Weight (Chlorinated) PolyEthylene … for the techies)

The Team series from Ambition has the same quality as the Signature boards, but comes without doubled up concave and base graphics. The Team decks are great for shooting down the neighborhood sledding hill or getting started in technical trick snowskating.
(And an insider tip among parents: significantly less lugging than with a sled and the kids have triple the fun: sitting, kneeling, standing down the sled hill and also much easier to walk back up!)

Ambition’s Signature, or Premium, models also come with the Team Deck enhancements this year. In addition, these decks are available with a doubled concave, base graphics and in different sizes and shapes.
The JIB Series – Entry level boards from Ambition

With the JIB series Ambition now offers snowskates for beginners at a much lower price. The snowskates of the JIB series are completely made of recyclable plastic. Since they do without the wood layers they are much lighter than boards from the Team or Pro series, but are also not as stiff. Ambition Snowskates provide guaranteed fun, whether kids with it the sledding hill down brettern or experienced Streetskater so practice their kickflips and pop shuvits in the snow.