Amphetamine Bearings

Havoc Distribution distributes the whole range of Amphetamine bearings, covering all imaginable needs of a skater, both when it comes to speed as well as precision and impact absorbtion. These high quality skateboard bearings are designed and manufactured to live up to the demands of all aspects of skateboarding. All pre-lubricated with Amphetamine Synthetic Speed Oil and Friction-free rubber shields fast and easy to maintain, the CLASSIX series presents the ABEC 3 (Precision-ground steel ball bearings, L-Profiled inner raceway prevents contaminant) a good bearing for a great price, the ABEC 5 (Thermally applied coatings enhance corosion resistance, Grade 10 hardened steel balls for higher rockwell rating), number-one selling bearing great for street and park and the ABEC 7(8 inner balls double capacity for impact absorption, Gas-washed surfaces provide lower coefficient of friction), which covers the need for extra speed. The higher the ABEC rating, the higher the precision, lower ABEC ratings can handle dirt and dents better. The EXOTIX series (Stainless Steel, Hybrid, Titanium ABEC 7) of specialty skate bearings features exotic materials optimized to provide maximum performance in rough or wet conditions. The CERAMIX (Silver, Gold) are made of one of the hardest, most durable materials available, at the same time smoother than metal and less conductive of heat, ceramic. They bring the highest level of performance to the masses.


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Amphetamine Bearings News

Amphetamine has now new bearings: the Hybrid!