Crail Trucks, originally from Sao Paolo, Brasil, have been making professional skateboarding trucks since 1990. First their Trucks have been sold in Brasil only, now they are being distributed world wide, with us at Havoc Distribution, too.
Through positive attitudes, innovative products and in the search of their share on the global market, Crail Trucks have renovated the market offer of skateboard trucks with a contribution of Brazilian culture, energy and happiness. The Trucks were designed for technical precision and ultimate control using exact geometrical construction. Crail engineering work on high-end software solution for simulation of aluminum cast avoiding air bubbles inside, creating an incredibly resistant truck with smoothly finished hangers, high endurance of the kingpin and rebounding Moog bushings.
What is it that makes Crail Trucks so good? A special pressed axle, a high precision bearing fit, the 100% guaranted non slipping axle, high resistence and rebound bushings with conical shape allowing best curve response and special kingpin 8.8 grade with an exclusive lock system manufactured in steel alloy.
In their Pro Team you will find riders like Lincoln Ueda, Fabio Cristiano, Fabio Castilho, Biano Bianchin and Rafael Gomes.


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