The concept of Dogtown has been with us since the very start of progressive skateboarding in Santa Monica/Venice, California. Thus Dogtown Skateboards have earned the hallmark of hardcore skateboarding and a hardcore loyal following throughout 30 years by now. Havoc Distribution brings you a range of products coming from the core of skateboarding.
The first skateboards being remarkably lighter and thinner than all the other production boards were made back then, and from then on recreating lightweight high performance laminated boards launched and continues until today. It all started with a group of surf/ skate rats bombing hills and speeding down the blocks of Venice, a slum in that time, recklessly. Jim Muir, the founder of Dogtown Skateboards, was one of these kids. With no board sponsor and all production boards too heavy for pool riding, Jim decided to design his own pool board. Whilst working a summer construction job, he experimented with different wood for a lighter board and started of the search for the lightest high performance board design.


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