Like the man said. It's all here at Dregs Skateboards. Street, pool, park, vert, downhill, carving, longboard, speed racing, banked slalom... if you ride it, we make it. No need to get your fix from one dealer only to jones for something else from another. It's all here and we have what you need.
Looking to make an impact at the local skate park? Just how high do you want to go? Want to impress the chicks with your blazing speed during the Gravity Games trials? Hope you have insurance, pal. Are you a new-school kid trying to tap into that old-school flavor? You want to flow with the go? We got you covered.

All the Elements. All the inspirations. All the know-how. All the contest experience. All the bumps, bruises and scrapes. All the technology. All the craftsmanship. All the speed. All the history. All the right moves. All the rage. All the time. All the Elements.

There is only one company with the resources and know-how to meet all the demands of this industry: Dregs Skateboards. Competition? We thrive on it . Challenges? Bring them on. All rivers flow into Dregs. We've created a company of unimaginable influence, an irresistible force to be reckoned with. You want some of this? We know you do.

Our future is boundless, our opportunities infinite. At Dregs Skateboards, it's All about the Elements. All the Elements.
Dregs Skateboards come up with all that you need, whether you´re down for Street, pool, park, vert downhill, carving, longboard, speed racing or banked slalom. They got all it takes to come up with any equipment you might need for your personal board experience to be perfect. The resources, the know-how,the technology, all elements needed and the right motivation to get some good boarding out there, you can get all of that in high quality at Dregs Skateboards.


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