Underground base for independent sports-that's FUA industries' shout out! Fuck You All Industries! Sickened by the way the economic system and its global players deal with a sport, FUA is enthusiastic about, they decided to run a brand with a big message: FUA! Changes are happening and most cannot recognize it because the cruel bloodsoaked strategic marketing knows how to cover. But FUA Industries knows, and so since June 2003 this label takes on responsibility to forward the word and the vibes of FUA: No cruelty, one family. As a freeriding urban alliance they deserve underground push and respect in all applicable scenes, being part of the family alliance. The culture, attitude and the sport have changed, skateboarding is no longer an anti-establishment movement. Kids identify skateboarding by displaying namebrand clothing and equipment. Dortmund based FUA Industries takes that back, keeping it real! Strongly opinionated companies should be supported, that´s one of the reasons why you can find FUA products at Havoc Distribution.


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