Grind King

We are proud to welcome Grindking Trucks at the Havoc distributed brand family. What some brands have on their to-do-list, Grindkind already counts to its past. From their headquarters in Venice, California, they have been innovating skateboarding products for nearly 20 years. Grindkings interest in truck hardware and truck designs has been pushing the levels, according to the US highest quality standards, of course. Whether it comes to sales force, strategic marketing plans or manufacturing process, Grindking is committed fully, and above it all to their core customer base. Their innovations and high quality products have been part of the skateboard revolutions of the past years, and there´s no stopping them. With teamriders like young talent Joey Pellegrino or rad tech street skater Mario Saenz they got the right truck grinders to represent the idea of creating a good truck. But that´s not enough. Grindking is taking the step to higher scene support. A fusion in music, art and fashion with the GK nameplate is on its way, combining with the most revolutionary internet technology, being a role model for where skateboarding is heading in the future.


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