Made for Skate

Made for Skate is a project about the stories behind the shoes that carried skateboarding through its colorful history. The book “Made for Skate” reveals incidents and background stories that have never been covered before in skateboard books and magazines. There has been a lot of texts telling about the evolution of skateboard riding technique and hardware, but there is was no writing about the ways skateboard shoes came to life. Today everybody wears skateshoes, even non-skaters. That has had influence on fashion in general, and so fashion came to having an influence on skateboarding shoes. The Made for Skate Skateboard Decks you can get from us at Havoc Distribution are part of this project.
“There used to be a time when you could spot fellow skateboarders by looking at their shoes. You knew it right away – the telltale ollie holes on the sides, the worn down soles, the frazzled laces. You made eye contact and exchanged a knowing nod or a quick what’s up. A little Fight Club moment at the corner store.”


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