Rise Above

One gnarly old school company originating from Germany, that´s what is there to say about Rise Above in first place. Riding big boards shaped in the old way while shredding transition is still alive, which in particular is the reason why Rise Above Skateboards have been founded in 2005, by a german skater who started skating at the time in East Germany, where there was no other possibility to skate if you didn´t know how to build a skateboard from roller skates. The attitude of Rise Above founder Basti shows through in the products, no doubt, punk rock and skateboarding! No competition, no fakes, no posers. Just 100 percent skateboarding. Skate when you want to, have the time of your life, and let your ride be the biggest middle finger in the face of society. Havoc Distribution is glad to have their catchy old school designs in stock for you.


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