Bangfish, the revolutionary new truck design.
The Bangfish 3D Springer has been developed to reduce the three most common problems with skateboard trucks. Riding on rough ground, non-adjustable trucks and wheel bite. The 3D Springer is a ultra-light system consisting of a magnesium hanger and hollow kingpin, which flexes to allow motion in a third dimension. With this integrated damping system, you can easy ride across little gaps, small curbs, or obstacles. The "pivot axis control" (PAC) allows you to adjust the angle of the truck, from a steep 52° angle (good for cruising), a mid-level 50° setting, and down to 48° grad (for downhill and higher speeds). With the 3D Springer Series, Bangfish has pioneered a very innovative truck system which we can't wait for you to try. Available a R8 and R5 in different colors.


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